sexual assault attorney in atlanta, ga

Don't Let an Accusation Ruin Your Reputation

Work with a sexual assault attorney in Marietta, GA

It only takes one accusation to place you in jeopardy and destroy your reputation. Don't let an accusation lead to a conviction. The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin handles a wide range of cases in Marietta, GA, from child molestation to rape and sexual assault. Attorney T. Bryan Lumpkin will take care of your case from start to finish, advocating for you every step of the way.

It's important to obtain an attorney experienced in defending sex crimes before you step into court. Speak with attorney T. Bryan Lumpkin today to build your case.

A conviction will impact your future. A sex crime attorney can help

A conviction has consequences beyond your initial sentence. If you're convicted of a sex crime, you might...

  • Be required to register as a sex offender
  • Have limited places to live
  • Lose custody of your child

Your future could crumble if you're convicted of a sex crime. Attorney T. Bryan Lumpkin will help you fight back against these accusations and stand up for you in court. Call 770-794-8686 today to set up a consultation with a sexual assault attorney.