Defend Yourself Against Robbery Charges

Defend Yourself Against Robbery Charges

Choose our armed robbery attorney in Marietta, GA

Robbery is a serious crime with serious consequences. While petty theft might result in a simple fine, a robbery conviction could lead to 10 or more years in prison. Don't hesitate to team up with a robbery lawyer from The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin if you've been charged with a crime in Marietta, GA.

Our armed robbery attorney will put 25 years of legal experience to use to help you fight for a favorable outcome. From researching your case to representing you in court, we'll be with you every step of the way. Consult our experienced attorney now to get started.

The types of robbery cases we accept

All types of robbery are serious, but robbery can involve many different situations. You can call on our robbery lawyer to help protect you from charges like...

  • Simple robbery, involving threats of violence without a weapon
  • Armed robbery, including the use of weapons like knives and firearms
  • Safe-cracking, including illegally opening either safes or vaults

Start building your defense today by contacting our armed robbery attorney at 770-794-8686. We represent clients in Marietta, GA.