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At The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin, we know life does not always go according to plan. When things go wrong with your life in or near Paulding County, the legal team at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin wants you to know that we are standing by to help you with your marijuana possession case.

One marijuana possession charge means you could likely face jail time, and at the very least, a very hefty fine. If you are in or around the Paulding County area, The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin can help you fight your charges with a dedicated and professional legal defense team. We use our 20 years of experience to figure out how to best help each of our clients.

If you or someone you know has been arrested, you need the immediate assistance of a high-quality, dependable marijuana possession attorney. The best approach is to stay positive and partner with the marijuana possession lawyer who can best work to achieve a realistically set bail. We at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin can assure you that having our quality law team on your side can improve your representation, and ergo, your chance at a better future.

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Don’t let Paulding County area prosecutors dominate your marijuana possession case. Call us at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin to ensure you are properly represented in Paulding County area courts. Marijuana possession cases can cause severe alterations in your life, so be sure your case is in proper hands by calling our professional team at (770) 794-8686.

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