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Here at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin, we have 20 years of experience in reducing and eliminating sentences. Thanks to our success with Fulton Co area clients, we have built a strong reputation for our commitment and diligence. When so much is at stake from your juvenile case, you need a professional representative who can provide you an airtight defense. With our experience, we have learned that the best ways to tackle juvenile cases are by scrutinizing every detail, making sure your rights are observed, and ensuring that no Fulton Co area prosecutor tries to walk you into a guilty admission.

Our juvenile attorneys genuinely care about you and your struggles. Here at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin, we are familiar with all the laws surrounding juvenile charges in the Fulton Co area. We have helped countless individuals for the past 20 years, and we want you to be our next success story.

We at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin understand the fear people feel for themselves, their families, and their futures when facing arrest. If you or someone you know as been arrested and charged with a serious offense within the Fulton Co area, you should contact a skilled juvenile attorney at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin. Our juvenile strategy is designed to assist clients with any questions or concerns following an arrest. The legal team at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin prides itself on communicating often and looking at each case individually.


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After 20 years of practice, we at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin hold a reputation for professional and passionate representation for Fulton Co area clients. If you have suffered from juvenile matters, be sure to call us at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin for some peace of mind in your case.

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I offer comprehensive criminal defense services to individuals facing felony, misdemeanor and juvenile charges, including:

  • Murder
  • Armed robbery
  • Theft
  • Drug crimes
  • High profile crimes, including financial fraud
  • Appeals/post-conviction relief
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • DUI
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Sexual offenses, including sex offender registry violations
  • Traffic ticket and moving violations