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The legal team of The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin holds 20 years of experience representing clients in negotiations throughout the Smyrna area. When speaking with opposing counsel, your concerns are the only things on our mind. We will work hard with Smyrna area professionals to help you achieve a resolution in your criminal defense matter. We are well versed in Smyrna area case law. We know all the relevant rules of evidence and procedure and will assert your rights during your Smyrna trial.

We at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin take pride in offering individualized attention to each of our clients. In our 20 years of experience, we have learned that the key to any criminal defense case is to remain in constant contact with clients. If you are in need of help in the Smyrna area, our firm will guide you work through every decision you make.

Some prosecutors in the Smyrna area like to use scare tactics against their opponents. They emphasize the maximum penalty in their criminal defense case. We at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin make sure that you do not have to endure this alone. Our priority is to ensure that you receive the respect you deserve and that your criminal defense case trial is fairly represented. The legal professionals at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin will have your back the whole way, making sure you have a chance at the outcome you deserve.

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If you face criminal defense charges in the Smyrna area, your side of the story will prove crucial in your trial. We at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin understand how important your proper representation is in Smyrna area courts. Call us at The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin to ensure you are heard.

The Law Office of T. Bryan Lumpkin

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I offer comprehensive criminal defense services to individuals facing felony, misdemeanor and juvenile charges, including:

  • Murder
  • Armed robbery
  • Theft
  • Drug crimes
  • High profile crimes, including financial fraud
  • Appeals/post-conviction relief
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • DUI
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Sexual offenses, including sex offender registry violations
  • Traffic ticket and moving violations